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There comes a time in every man’s life when he succombs to social pressure and becomes a faceless product of corporate marketing.  I call it a blog.  Why, you ask, have I started a blog after years of resistance?

1) To get a book deal.  Self-promotion is the name of the game.
2) To be hip.  I’m a young Christian leader without any tattoos.  I’ve gotta compensate with something else.
3) To pound my ideas into your head.  I only have so many clever ideas and as a pastor, I actually have a regular public forum in which to share them.  I also get paid to talk to people.  Somehow, the sound of my own voice (or my keyboard keys) never gets old.
4) Boredom.  I already watched every episode of The Office and Arrested Development and I refuse to watch Lost.
5) To be more like Todd Hiestand.  http://www.toddhiestand.com.

I’ll let that last one speak for itself.
Any questions, O blogosphere?


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